Monitoring for Web Publishers automates monitoring the technical details to make sure your content shines!

On Page

Check HTML syntax, SEO tags, Social tags, broken links, & analytics code.

On Site

Make sure sitemap.xml is working, favicons are there, robots.txt isn't blocking search engines.


Watch for domain and certificate expirations and changes. Make sure the sites isn't black listed.

Alerts and Diffs show what's important & different.

You don't need to see the same data everyday, but you do need to know when something is broken or when something changed. Alerts show what might be causing problems and diffs highlight changes, emailed to you!

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Alerts & Diffs

Automated reports catch issues early!

Let keep an eye on things every day and only get alerts when things change and you need to know about it! Trigger a new report with a Webhook when needed. You're always covered!

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Automated Reports

Manual reports keep you in control.

Sometimes your want to check things NOW! You can run manual reports as needed to ensure you latest changes look good. Review full report data in the dashboard as needed.

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Manual Reports